Idea Processor, Outline Processor, and Writing Tool

NEW - Available for Mac OS X™ and Unix™

Poor Person Software introduces Thinker, the innovative hypertext editor, hypertext word processor, and database that enhances the creativity of writers of every kind. Text is organized both as an extended outline and as a hypertext web. Every word or phrase is a potential link. Links can be to applications, documents processed by other applications, Thinker documents, and external links to mail or the web using your browser.

  • Are you writing a book, thesis, or report?
  • Are you organizing data for a book?
  • Do you write interactive fiction?
  • Do you want to publish your work in HTML?

Based on a system called "NLS" developed in the 1970's at SRI by Doug Engelbart, Thinker is the hypertext word processor and hypertext editor of choice for imaginative people everywhere. Thinker is used by writers, composers, software engineers, and other creative people as a hypertext word processor, hypertext editor, story creator, database, idea processor, outline processor, documentation tool, and groupware design aid.

Download Thinker Right Here!

Fully functional and FREE version use Thinker for as long as you like.

  • Windows (NT, 95, 98, 2000, XP) - Updated 02/26/03
  • Mac OS X - UPDATED 04/14/12
  • Unix (Tar File with Thinker.jar) UPDATED 04/14/12 [java -jar Thinker.jar <filename>]

NOTE: Mac OS X (Java) and Unix (Java) versions are under development and do not yet support links to applications, non-Thinker documents, browsers and email. Mac OS X version has only been tested on PPC but should run on Intel. Requires Java 1.4.

NOTE: for Windows 2000: The installation program may not add Thinker to the Start menu. Go to C:\Program Files\Thinker\ and double click on Thinker.exe


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