Thinker - Product Information

Text is stored both as a hierarchy of paragraphs (as in outline processors) and as a network of named nodes (hypertext). Node names and links to nodes are plain text and are manipulated using standard editing facilities.


Text is edited using mouse based text editing facilities as in any other Macintosh or Windows editor. In addition there are mouse based structure reorganization operations that move text nodes within a document or from document to document.


There are three methods to move around in a document.

  • Scrolling
  • Jumps relative to the hierachy such as to the paragraph which is the ancestor of the paragraph with the cursor or to the descendent of the ancestor of the ancestor of the paragraph with the cursor in it.
  • Jumps to a named node

  Print Formatting

Thinker has basic levels of print formatting including justification, headers/footers, paragraph numbering, auto indexing, and booklets


Thinker can export its hierarchical hypertext as HTML. There are some standard mappings of Thinker structure to headings, lists, etc which preserve the appearance of the document. Thinker's hypertext node names and links are converted into html HREFs and NAMEs.

  Page Mode

In Page Mode branches may be declared to be pages. Pages are confined text blocks like spaces in some interactive fiction editors. Links between pages act normally but scrolling is restricted to within the page. When a Page Mode document is exported to HTML each page becomes a separate HTML file with all inter-page links correctly translated to inter-file links. Use Thinker to write interactive fiction or to prepare multi-page Web sites.


Documents are edited with multiple readers and 1 writer. The readers always open the latest committed version. The writer commits changes explicitly but gives up the exclusive update lock when doing so.


Thinker is available on two platforms. The Mac version has been available for over 8 years and the Windows version has been available for 2 years. An Amiga version (available since 1987) is available by special request.

  • Windows - $30.00
  • Mac $30.00